Availability and Online Ordering

Colesville's Retail Inventory and Online Ordering

Welcome to our Availability Page! 

Colesville Nursery’s Inventory PDF (found below) is updated once every morning (Mon-Fri). It is not a live inventory and we encourage our customers to call or email if/when numbers on a particular item are low. 

We do offer online ordering.

 To place an order online for


your order must be greater than $250.00 

and please allow 2 days for us to process this.


your order must be within a 100-mile radius,

 we do not do mail orders, 

please allow us a few days to get in touch with you, and

delivery may be a few weeks out.

Minimum order requirements for delivery are as follows: 

1-50 miles $500.00, 50-100 miles $1000.00; please refer to our Delivery Policy PDF below for fees and other shipping information.

Our online store may not reflect everything available in the nursery, please use the Note section to add items to your cart that are on our inventory but not available to add to your cart. 

Please wait for confirmation by phone or email before coming to pick up your order (This can take up to 2 business days.) 




We also allow our customers to tag items and hold them for two weeks (please see our Pre-Pull Service Policy located under the 'About' tab in the top tool bar via the 'Policies' link). 

These items stay in inventory until they leave the property. 

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Online Ordering Process
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Retail Availability
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