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Policies, Terms & Conditions

Read Below To See If You Are Eligible For Appying & Receiving Wholesale Pricing

Colesville Nursery is mainly a wholesale nursery.  We sell to the public at a fair market price.  In order to qualify for wholesale prices you must fall under one or more of the following categories:

1. Be established on our customer list as a wholesale business.
2. Be registered with the state as a nursery or a nursery stock dealer.
3. Have a checking account that indicates your company is a nursery, landscape contractor, landscape maintenance contractor, landscape architect or municipality.

In order to qualify for wholesale prices, a company must be using the plants they purchase for business purposes.  We reserve the right to withdraw wholesale status from anyone purchasing plants for personal use.

Application for Credit
To apply for Credit you must already be registered for a Wholesale Account and have already purchased under their Wholesale Account with us a minimum of 3 times.

Tax Exempt Form
If you are Tax Exempt we need this form to be filled out to make sure that you are not charged tax automatically when you are purchasing through your account.