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Colesville’s business philosophy is to sell the best possible plants while providing the best possible service!

This has been accomplished through the hard work and dedication of many people throughout the years continued in present day.

We carry a vast array of plants, from Native Trees to obscure Perennials. We are known for having several options available all year long, no matter the season!

Unlike many Plant Nurseries, we are open 365 (excluding major holidays) and can provide advice for which plants to install and how to do it at anytime.

Always feel free to email, call or stop by during our Business Hours to purchase your next garden gem or receive tips on whatever your current project may be. Visit our 'Contact' tab in the top tool bar for our contact information.

We have an Email list, Instagram account & Facebook page where we keep our customers up to date on Sales Events, Workshops, Holiday Hours and daily inspirations.

Feel free to sign up or follow us on any of these accounts to take advantage of all Colesville Nursery has to offer!

When shopping at Colesville Nursery, you can always expect expert advice, great customer service & wonderful hardy plant stock.

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