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  • Garden Gro$6.00 / 1 cu. ft. - rich decomposed leaf & tree mix turned soil, best used for enriching an area with poor soil content, being very humus heavy we recommend not combining with clay because it will add to the water retention! Very good for sandy and arid soils.
  • Daddy Pete's Cow Manure - $10.99 / 50 lb. - organic aged cow manure is a must have for vegetable gardening, roses or any raised bed needing added nutrients!
  • Daddy Pete's Hardwood Mulch - $9.99 / 2 cu. ft. - an organic un-dyed shredded hardwood mulch, perfect for top dressing beds or new plantings.
  • Daddy Pete's Pine Bark Mulch - $8.50 / 2 cu. ft. - if you're looking for a natural look that will add nutrients into the soil over time, pine bark nuggets are the way to go, we love it for maples, hydrangeas, azaleas and other acid loving plants. Most soil in Virginia is clay which means that the pH levels are very basic, adding pine bark nuggets to any fresh planting will help add a healthy layer of nutrients into the soil over time.
  • Daddy Pete's Soil Enhancer - $10.99 / 2 cu. ft. - pine bark broken down into a fine soil, this enhancer will quickly breakdown & add fresh acidity into your soil. A great amendment for clay heavy soils, Daddy Pete's Soil Enhancer is a simple solution to basic, poor-draining areas.
  • Daddy Pete's Raised Bed Mix - $10.99 / 1.5 cu. ft. - just like the name suggests this bag does all the thinking for you! If you're adding a raised bed to your garden, trying to refresh an older bed or trying to plant a container with good drainage, use this!
  • Daddy Pete's Sandy Loam Top Soil - $7.50 / 1 cu. ft. - Top Soil is always recommended for grading or filling unnecessary holes in the garden. What makes Daddy Pete's Sandy Loam Top Soil so special? The added ingredients! Packed with nutrients this soil can be planted in along with fixing grading or holes. This is also a great amendment for our Virginian Clay.
  • Fox Farm Potting Soil - Ocean Forest - $22.00 / 1.5 cu. ft. - literally packed with ingredients from the ocean and the forest, this beautiful soil requires very little additions. Most gardeners are used to adding fertilizers over time to their plantings however, not with Fox Farm's Ocean Forest. We recommend this for any kind of planting! Container, raised bed, vegetables, trees shrubs etc.
  • Fox Farm Potting Soil - Happy Frog - $22.00 / 2 cu. ft. - lacking just a few nutrients in comparison to it's brother Ocean Forest, Happy Frog makes up for the loss in quantity!
  • Organic Potting Soil (Espoma) - $9.99 / 16 qt. - perfect for small containers! Soft & light, this soil will get any small potted plants where you want them to be!
  • Permatill - $15.00 / 40 lb. - a porous rock that can be added to amend clay soil or used to deter voles! You can download or print out our Permatill Tips & Tricks handout via our Handout Tab!