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Scroll to plug in the numbers of your desired areas needing mulch or soil and let us do the work!

If you have any questions you would like to discuss with a soil or mulch expert give us a call at: 804.798.5472 ext. 111 to reach our Garden Shop where we provide everthing from Seed Starter Mix to Hardwood Mulch.


Soil & Mulch Tips:

-Do NOT over mulch! A light layer of mulch will protect your plants, leaving room for air is very important when trying to avoid root rot!

-Do NOT plant too DEEP! Here in VA watering is one of the trickiest steps when establishing something new. Planting too deep often creates a bad situation for any roots. We always reccomend planting with anywhere from 1 - 2" of the root system up out of the ground. The plant will settle over time and this will help you avoid drowning it.

- Organic & nutrient rich are always important no matter what you're planting