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Below are some videos about Colesville & Gardening

Colesville Videos

Bulb planting advice and info

Learn how and why to choose certain bulbs and then how to plant them!

Magnolias vs Dogwoods

Full sun? Poor drainage? Clay soil? Choose a Magnolia over a Dogwood, watch the video to learn why!

How well does my soil drain?

Learn with Lauren about how to evaluate how well your soil drains. This is essential when you are trying to figure out what plants to buy!

navigating our inventory!

Make searching for plants and building lists a breeze with this simple video. Watch our other video on Bird Plants and list building for more information!

Bird plants? Plant Lists?

OVerwhelmed by our large inventory? Want plants for birds? Learn with Colesville Nursery how to use the Audobon app and our inventory together to create easy lists for purchase!

Cedar Rust!

Learn abot how Cedar Rust is not as scary as it looks!

Alders for pollinators?!

Learn about unusual plants for wildlife & pollinators at Colesville Nursery.

Honey Locust! Hardy summer installation

Learn about a tree you can install in the summer!

Designing Movement

Learn with Lauren at Colesville about creating movement in the garden!


Learn with Lauren from Colesville Nursery abou how to mulch properly and effectively!

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