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Colesville Delivery Service

Learn more about Deliveries & Delivery Policies

Colesville Nursery likes to deliver far & wide! With all the different customers we have, we do our best to meet their delivery needs. Listed below, you can find our basic Delivery Policies & Requirements, while this is a good reference you always need to contact our Delivery Coordinator Karen for information & confirmation on every delivery. Our delivery schedule can be very unpredictable and functions on several different factors on a daily basis. It is a good idea to formulate your delivery requests up to 2 weeks in advance.


Our delivery schedule requires AT LEAST a 2 day lead time to process your order. All changes or additions to orders need to be made no later than 10 AM the day before your delivery. (This policiy is contingent on time of year, number of Deliveries already on schedule & can only be officially processed by our Delivery Coordinator.)

Someone from your company or household MUST be at the delivery location to help with unloading and to accept and/or pay for the order.

Please let us know if you require a truck with a knuckle boom.

We deliver all of our own nursery stock orders. Freight is determined on a percentage of sales as follows:

  • 1 - 50 miles - $500 Minimum
  • 51 - 100 miles - $1000 Minimum
  • 101 + - Must be determined by our Delivery Coordinator (visit the 'Meet the Team' tab on our Home Page for more info.)
  • Minimum Freight Charges are also determined and applied by the Delivery Coordinator
  • Minimum Freight Charges:
  • 0 - 50 miles - $70
  • 50+ miles - $100

Delivery Schedule can be subject to change due to a number of different factors throughout the year. Please always contact our Delivery Coordinator Karen Kidd for orders, order confirmation and questions.

She can be contacted directly via her email: karen@colesvillenursery.com

If you would like to speak with her about your delivery, please call: 804.798.5472 and ask for Karen Kidd.