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Helpful Handouts

Click the Titles Below to Find Helpful Handouts for VA Gardening

Colesville Nursery feels anyone gardening in Virginia deserves a badge of gardening, awarding them for their constant struggle against intense wildlife, uncontrollable humidity, vast areas of frustrating clay soil & unpredictable weather!

We have assembled some helpful packets that address many typical frustrations that the average VA gardener exeperiences. Feel free to download, print out or call about any of these Helpful Handouts. If you want a hard copy of the handouts and do not have a printer, feel free to request one in the Garden Shop!

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Chemical Cheat Sheet
Learn how to use pesticides, fungicides and herbicides and how to avoid causing unnecessary harm!

Clematis Pruning
Struggling to get your clematis to bloom? Check out this guide on when you should be pruning.

Deer Resistant Plants
Deer, Rabbits & Pests Oh My! Are you feeling personally victimized by the wildlife around you? Is "deer" becoming a 4 letter word in your home? Click to see what Colesville carries & suggests from trees to perennials about Deer Resistant Plants & ways to deter them.

Disease, Pest Resistant & Extra Hardy Trees
Looking for problem-free trees? Take a look at this list, broken down by sun or shade, to help you find something low maintenance.

Don't Hate Your Clay
We understand the soil struggle here in Virginia. Check out our handout on clay to learn what we recommend!

Foodscaping with Native Plants
Looking to start incorporating both native and edible plants in the landscape? Here is a short guide explaining how to get started.

Get Rid of Mosquitoes
Tired of getting bit as you relax on your patio or walking around your garden? Click our attachment to find out about plants we offer that repel Mosquitoes naturally.

How to Become Ecobeneficial
Looking to create a Home Grown National Park? Not sure where to start? Check out this list of our top 20 things to do in the garden to be more ecobeneficial.

Struggling to get started? Feeling overwhelmed? Here are 5 simple questions that you can use to guide you! If you can fill out this sheet, you will be successful.

Hydrangea Cheat Sheet
Easy tips for how and when to prune, maintain & make your Hydrangeas thrive!

Maintenance Checklist
What Do I Do In My Garden & When? Click the attachment for a simple monthly checklist based on Virginia's zone.

Mulch Application Chart
Mulch Much? Need help figuring out how much mulch to apply? Here is a simple chart to help you along with your project.

Mulch Much?
Most people know they need to mulch, some believe it's a waste of money. Click the attachment below for a simple diagram explaining why mulching is so important.

Native Evergreens
Looking for year round foliage but want to keep the plants native to the United States? Check out this list of options broken down by sun or shade!

Native Groundcovers
Looking for native groundcovers to suppress weeds, finish out designs and fill in your garden? Check out this list!

Native Plant Package
Discover our native alternatives to all of the classically used non-native and invasive plants!

Native Plants for Birds
Want to know which native plants attract which native birds? Use this guide to plant all their specific favorites!

Outdoor Seed Sowing Guide for Zone 7
Trying to start outdoor seeds? Not sure when to start everything? Here is an easy guide for 26 popular veggie options based on zone 7.

Perennial Bloomtimes
I Want A Garden That Blooms All The Time! Click the attachment to see what Colesville keeps in stock and recommends for all year blooms.

What is Permatill & How do I use it? Find out all about the benefits of this porous edged product.

Plants for Clay
Click the attachment to see what we carry & recommend for planting in clay.

Problem Free Shrubs
Looking for disease & pest resistant shrubs that are low maintenance for the landscape? Check out this list broken down by sun or shade of the options we carry here at Colesville!

Rabbit Resistant Perennials
Trouble with rabbits? Use this handout to find perennials that you can find at Colesville that are resistant to rabbits, broken down by sun or shade!

Shrubs for Dry Sites
Looking for drought tolerant shrubs? Check out this list of options we carry broken down by sun or shade preferences!

Shrubs for Wet Sites
Looking for plants that like wet feet? Check out this list of shrubs broken down by sun or shade that we typically carry!

Spacing Chart
Need help figuring out how many plants per square footage? Use this easy chart for 50 sq. ft. up to 1000 sq. ft.

Trees for Dry Sites
Looking for drought tolerant trees? We have a list of plants that we typically have available listed here by sun or shade.

Trees for Parking Lots & Paved Areas
Looking for a tree that has roots that behave well with pavement? Looking for trees with minimal droppings? Check out this list for plants that work well along streets, patios, driveways or any space with pavement.

Trees for Salty Areas
Live near water? Finding it difficult to plant just anything? Here is a list of trees we carry that tolerate salty climates.

Trees for Wet Sites
Looking for trees that tolerate wet feet? Check out our list of trees we carry for both sun and part shade!

Understanding Fruit
Learn how to pollinate, when to prune and other basic knowledge for beginning orcharding.

Why won't my Hydrangea bloom?
Is your hydrangea not blooming? Here is a helpful flow chart to help you figure it out.