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Colesville Nursery Policies

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We do accept returns here at Colesville Nursery. Live plants may be returned within ten (10) days of purchase accompanied by the original sales receipt if:

  • The plants are in the original container(s) or b&b (ball & burlap)
  • The plants have not been planted
  • The plants have received proper care
  • The plants are still in sellable condition

Delivery charges are nonrefundable.

Plant Guarantee for Retail:

We have a 6 month/half price replacement policy for those who purchase plants at the Retail price.

At the first signs of distress please email Colesville Nursery at: sales@colesvillenursery.com

By sending us pictures of your concern, we can help diagnose & suggest treatment for the issue in a timely manner. Our Garden Shop carries may solutions to common plant prolems. This will also help us to have a record of what happened.

If the plant dies within 6 months of purchase you will get half off the purchase of a new plant. It does not have to be the same type of plant.

*Please have your original receipt, we cannot honor refunds without a receipt.*

Exceptions to the Replacement Policy that make the policy null & void:

-Acts of Nature: this includes any type of weather, animal damage, or other damage cause by human behavoir such as a car accident, etc.

-Plants that have been planted in pottery

-Plants that have not been planted: plants that are still in the original container & have died or ones that have not received any care. 

Plant Guarantee for Wholesale

There is no guarantee on plants bought with Wholesale or Contractor pricing. This policy stands because of the Wholesale pricing is only offered to professionals in the Green Industry, thus the plants should be professionally handled and selected.

Delivery Policies:

For all of our Delivery Service & Policy information, please visit our "Delivery Service" page located under the "About" tab in the top tool bar.

Pricing For Landscapers and Builders:
All approved Wholesale Accounts have access to the Wholesale Pricing via the pdf. files available on our "Availability" tab. When you are approved for a Wholesale Account you will receive the password information.

Please do not send your customers here to receive your pricing. We do not give it to them and it puts both of us in an awkward situation. We do this to protect you and our other customers that make a living in the industry.

Ball Cart Rental
Read about our Ball Cart Rental Policy here! If you would like to use our Rental Service please read the Policy in its entirety and be prepared to provide a valid credit/debit card & signature for pick-up.

Reservation / Pre-Pull Policy
Please read this to its entirety if you would like to use our Pre-Pull service to reserve plants.