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Sales & Special Events

Read More About Our Biannual Sales, Contests & Wreath Workshop!

While Colesville Nursery is predominantly a Wholesale Nursery, we enjoy our customers from the Public as well!

Not only do we sell to the Public but we like to hold fun events to show our appreciation.

  • Biannual Retail Sales

               ~ Every Year Colesville holds a Sale just for our Retail customers! We mark everything 20% Off, offer free Hot-Dogs and our entire crew comes out to provide service. Our Spring Open House is always the 1st weekend in May & our Fall Open House is planned according to the current weather. The best way to stay up to date on our Open House Sales is to Sign-Up for our Email List via our "Email Sign-Up Tab" & to follow us on Social Media. Both are great tools to always be informed on what we are up to!

  • Spring Photography Contest

               ~ Get your garden Photo-Ready during the Spring every year with Colesville treasures in preperation for our Annual Photography Contest. We hold it at the beginning of the Summer so that you have all Spring to plant and prune your beauties up in an effort to win a $500, $300 or $100 Colesville Nursery Gift Card!

                  Along with winning a Gift Card we will showcase your landscapes on our Social Media Pages, Website & Email. We require that the plants in the pictures be predominantly from Colesville Nursery and we only accept 4 photo entries per household; choose wisely!

  • Wreath Workshop

               ~When the Winter Holiday Season rolls around Colesville Nursery likes to join in the fun with a fabulous Wreath Workshop. For a flat fee we offer all the cuttings, light refreshments & helpful instructions from some Wreath Making Pros. Stay informed for this event & more via our Email List!