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The Latest Coronavirus Procedure Updates & News from Colesville Nursery: 7/6/2020

All business is being conducted out of the blue tent in the parking lot 

M-F 7:30AM-4:30PM
Closed on Saturdays & Sundays

Wholesale Customers: Regular Business 

Retail Customers (curbside pick-up orders began on June 15th & appointments for browsing can be made beginning July 6th!)  Please make these appointment or orders with our Garden Shop at retailsales@colesvillenursery.com or by calling 804.798.5472 ex. 3 or ex. 111

For curberside pick-up:

1. If you place a curbside pick-up, we will set a window of time for you to pick it up. 

2. Bring and plan on wearing a mask. We are all wearing masks to interact with each other and customers. 

3. When you arrive, please park in the parking lot in front of the Garden Shop Patio and call (804) 798-5472 ex. 111 (there are signs telling you this information as well) and wait for someone to come assist you. 

4. We will get you all set and ready to roll with your order and you will be ready to go! We are asking that everyone gives a credit card over the phone when the order is placed so that contact is limited and please bring limit the number of people you bring into the nursery when you pick up the order. 

For browsers/shoppers: 

1. It is our preference that you have somewhat of a plan and a list of what you want before you get here. It would be great if you could make an appointment for browsing, but if you can't, please try to plan spending no more than an hour or so shopping at our facility. 

2. Plan on bringing and wearing a mask. We are all wearing masks to interact with each other and customers. 

3. Please keep in mind that we are practicing social distancing so we are not able to look at pictures of your yard or home on your phone, etc. If you would like to communicate with someone before your visit, you could try to email them before your visit to retailsales@colesvillenursery.com. 

4. Please also limit the number of people that you bring with you to our facility while we navigate reopening to the public. 

Again, thank you for your pateince. 


If you have any questions regarding our reopening policy, please email sales@colesvillenursery.com or call 804.798.5472 ex. 106.