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The Latest Coronavirus Procedure Updates & News from Colesville Nursery: 6/2/2020

As of June 2, 2020, we are allowing existing wholesale customers to come in and shop/browse without an appointment. We are still taking pre-pulled appointments and those are a prioirty over walk-ins for those who prefer to order material in that manner. You may email those orders to sales@colesvillenursery.com or call (804) 798-5472 to schedule them. Our number one prioirty is the health and safety of our employees and customers so we do have some of the following practices in place: 

1. Bring/Wear your mask. We are following state regulation of masks in businesses and practicing social distancing. 

2. Our gate will have a yellow chain across it, please remove the chain drive across, and return the chain to the closed position when you enter. There is hand sanitizer at the gate for customer usage. 

3. When you come into the parking lot, please check in at the blue tent. 

4. We are asking that if you are able, please shop and load yourself, but we are always willing and able to help if you absolutely need it. We will always assist with larger material like larger container shrubs and trees and b&b material. Please let us know at the blue tent what you need and we will facilitate it. 

5. When you are finished loading, if you need to be tarped, please ask for temporary tarp or help tarping your load if you need help, and check out at the blue tent. 

6. We have a port-a-john with a hand washing station behind the office, as we are asking customers not to go inside any of our facilities. 
7. Upon departing Colesville, please return the yellow chain to the closed position. Thank you so much and thank you for your business during this trying time.
We are still not open for retail at this time, but will continue to monitor the Commonwealth of Virginia's progress is Phases II & III and do what is right for our business. Thank you for your patience. 




Resources for homeowners/retail customers can be found here: 
This is The Central Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association Member Roster. We are sadden that we can not have our doors open to the public at this time, but you can see if a company off of this list could help you out or pick up plants for you. You may also call or email us and we can possibly help you with a resource that could supply you for your area.

This is what we were doing before 6.2.2020

4.24.2020 Update:

Dear Customers,
We have been and will remain closed to the public until our state announces that we may open for business as usual. Until then we are proceeding with caution, please read below:

I am happy to announce that we are moving to adding back in a pickup option for wholesale customers (essential businesses) by appointment only. Our gate will remain closed but these customers will be allowed in at their allotted time slot. We will continue deliveries for wholesale customers as well.

  • The appointment only pick up will be set up by one of our sales team members when you place your order over phone or email, which will be pre-pulled for container shrubs, perennials, and trees.
  • We ask that you send a minimum number of people to our Colesville to pick up the order
  • Please give a credit card to pay for your order before you arrive so there can be little face to face contact during the pick up. If you rather pay with a check we can arrange that information before arrival as well. NO CASH PAYMENTS AT THIS TIME PLEASE.

These spots are limited and are filling up fast as you can imagine. We will continue to be diligent and do our best to serve you the best we can, as fast as we can. I can not say enough how much we appreciate your patience during this trying time in all of our professional and personal lives right now.

Thank you,

Kate Leffler
General Manager
Colesville Nursery, Inc.

Below is what we were doing before 4/24/2020:

March 30, 2020

Dear Loyal Customers,

I’m devastated to announce, that after hearing Governor Northam plead with the public to stay home, we have made the decision to close our doors to the public due to the COVID-19 health crisis. We are taking orders for wholesale customers as delivery only and we will accommodate existing curbside pick up orders. We know that we might be the first of our type of business to make this call but we think it is the right thing to do and we hope that you understand. Just like you, we are taking this one day at a time and are just as heartbroken as you are that we can’t be “business as usual.” Our number one priority is to keep our employees and their families safe. Keeping them employed is part of that plan and that means keeping our customers safe as well and limiting their access to public spaces. We feel that closing temporarily is the answer to that.

I’ll never forget my coworker telling me that “everybody knows a landscaper”, so maybe now is the time you call your landscaper friend and keep your local nursery and landscaper friend in business.

Last week, I closed my letter by saying thank you for your patience and understanding and this week I will not only do the same but also “thank you in advance” for coming to see us when we open back up to the public in the future. We are going to get through this together.

Kate Leffler
General Manager & Vice President
Colesville Nursery, Inc.