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The History of Our Company

Virginian Grown & Owned for 46 years Colesville Nursery has stayed in the same family, servicing & growing plants throughout Virginia and surrounding states. Colesville Nursery started out in Charles City, Virginia as 'Colesville Plantation' in 1974 and then moved in 1984 to our current home in Ashland, Virginia off of Route 1; where we kept our namesake and continue to operate with the same integrity.

Between our variety & quantity the quality of our product speaks for itself. Generations of growers born & raised in Virginia cultivate the plants to this day at our own farm on the South Anna River just minutes up the road from our Nursery in Ashland.

Known for reliability in both service & product, we are a treasure trove for anyone looking to be successful in their landscaping.

We typically have customers travel fromm all over to shop with us due to the experience, the service and ultimately the beauty of the plants themselves.

We invite you to come visit us and see for yourself why Colesville Nursery is one of the most respected Nurseries in Virginia & surrounding states.