This is a descriptive catalog of plants we offer.  Check our availability for current stock.

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Paperbark Maple
Dissectum Japanese Maple
Dissectum Japanese Maple
Dissectum Japanese Maple
Dissectum Japanese Maple
Dissectum Japanese Maple
Dissectum Japanese Maple
Dissectum Japanese Maple
Northern Maidenhair Fern
Bottlebrush Buckeye
Allegheny Serviceberry
Threadleaf Blue Star
Butterfly Milkweed
Japanese Painted Fern
Spotted Japanese Laurel
Wintergreen Barberry
Chinese Ground Orchid
American Boxwood
Spring blooming Camellia
Pyramidal European Hornbeam
Caroliniana Hornbeam
Blue Atlas Cedar (Glauca Group)
Cedar of Lebanon
Prostrate Japanese plum yew
Dwarf Hinoki Falsecypress
Chinese Fringetree
Evergreen Clematis
Sweet Autumn Clematis
Japanese Cleyera
Cherokee Chief Flowering Dogwood
Pink American Dogwood
Chinese Dogwood or Kousa Dogwood
Corneliancherry Dogwood
Harry Lauder's Walking Stick
Purple Smoke Tree
Rock Spray Cotoneaster
Washington Hawthorn
Dwarf Globe Japanese Cedar
Radicans Japanese Cryptomeria
Yoshino Japanese Cryptomeria
Ice Plant-Purple
Slender Deutzia
Fern-Leaf Bleeding Heart
Wild Bleeding Heart
Old Fashion Bleeding Heart
European Beech
Sweet Woodruff
Kentucky Coffeetree
Vernal Witch Hazel
Willow Leaf Sunflower Hybrid
Stinking Hellebore
Hosta, Plantain Lily
Possumhaw Holly
Shamrock Inkberry Holly
Bordeaux Yaupon Holly
Schilling's Dwarf Yaupon Holly
Golden Oakland Holly
Mary Nell Holly
Carousel Mountain Laurel
Creeping Lily-turf
Leatherleaf Mahonia
Sargent Crabapple
Virginia bluebell
Southern waxmyrtle
Northern Bayberry
Bartzella Itoh Peony
Moss phlox/Creeping phlox
Moss phlox/Creeping phlox
Moss phlox/Creeping phlox
Norway Spruce
Weeping Norway Spruce
Skyland's Caucasian Spruce
Colorado Spruce
Colorado Blue Spruce
Weeping Blue Spruce
Swiss Mountain Pine
Eastern White Pine
Loblolly Pine
Dwarf Japanese Black Pine
Chinese Pistachio
American Planetree
Short-Toothed Mountain Mint
Swamp White Oak
Staghorn Sumac
Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac
Weeping Pussy Willow
Japanese Snowbell
Canadian Hemlock
Smooth Witherod Viburnum
Old Fashion Snowball Bush
Japanese Zelkova