Wet Soil/Wetlands/Tolerates Wet Soil Varieties

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Bear's Breeches
Armstrong Gold Fastigiate Maple
American Sweetflag
Dwarf Golden Variegated Sweet
Shadblow Serviceberry
Blue Star Flower
Threadleaf Blue Star
Shining Blue Star
Flat Topped White Aster
Bristly Sedge
Gray's Sedge
European Hornbeam Fastigiate
Atlantic White Cedar
White Turtlehead
Thorny Silver Berry
Shamrock Inkberry Holly
Winter Gold (FML) Winterberry
Schilling's Dwarf Yaupon Holly
Northern Blue Flag Iris
Sweetbay Magnolia
Creeping Mazus
Appalachian Mountain Mint
Golden Weeping Willow
Old Fashion Snowball Bush