Summer Varieties

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Bear's Breeches
American Sweetflag
Ornamental Onion
Blue Star Flower
Japanese Anemone
Butterfly Milkweed
Chinese Ground Orchid
Blue Grama Grass
White American Beauty Berry
Japanese Beauty Berry Bush
Gray's Sedge
Northern Catalpa
Evergreen Clematis
Sweet Autumn Clematis
threadleaf coreopsis
Lanceleaf Coreopsis
Purple Smoke Tree
Ice Plant-Purple
Gold Dew Tufted Hair Grass
Fern-Leaf Bleeding Heart
Pale Purple Coneflower
Yellow Coneflower
Purple Coneflower
Virginia Wildrye
Rattlesnake Master
Hollow Joe-pye Weed
Sweet Tea Mountain Gordlinia
Kentucky Coffeetree
Willow Leaf Sunflower Hybrid
Plantain Lily
Plantain Lily
Hosta, Plantain Lily
Striped Japanese Iris
Northern Blue Flag Iris
Blue Star Creeper
Virginia Sweetspire
Creeping Lily-turf
Great Blue Lobelia
Leatherleaf Mahonia
Spotted Beebalm
Native Switch Grass
Appalachian Mountain Mint
Short-Toothed Mountain Mint
Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac
Cutleaf Coneflower
Strawberry Geranium
Autumn Stonecrop sedum
Japanese Snowbell
Brazilian Verbena
Variegated Mound Lily