Border or Bed Varieties

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White Wood Aster
Japanese Painted Fern
Wintergreen Barberry
Chinese Ground Orchid
White American Beauty Berry
Japanese Beauty Berry Bush
Spring blooming Camellia
Cedar of Lebanon
Chinese Fringetree
threadleaf coreopsis
Threadleaf Coreopsis
Cherokee Chief Flowering Dogwood
Pink American Dogwood
Dwarf Globe Japanese Cedar
Slender Deutzia
Fern-Leaf Bleeding Heart
Wild Bleeding Heart
Old Fashion Bleeding Heart
Pale Purple Coneflower
Sweet Woodruff
Stinking Hellebore
Plantain Lily
Plantain Lily
Hosta, Plantain Lily
Carissa Chinese Holly
Bordeaux Yaupon Holly
Schilling's Dwarf Yaupon Holly
Butterfly Variegated Holly
Golden Oakland Holly
Japanese Garden Juniper
Carousel Mountain Laurel
Creeping Lily-turf
Great Blue Lobelia
Virginia bluebell
Spotted Beebalm
Mexican Feather Grass
Bartzella Itoh Peony
Moss phlox/Creeping phlox
Moss phlox/Creeping phlox
Moss phlox/Creeping phlox
Dwarf Japanese Red Pine
Short-Toothed Mountain Mint
Staghorn Sumac
Ornamental Raspberry
Autumn Stonecrop sedum
Old Fashion Snowball Bush